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Behavior-Based Ergonomic Therapies

Behavior-Based Ergonomics Therapies (BBET) Breakthrough Alzheimer’s & Dementia Therapy

BBET HCFWith all the tools right at our finger tips Shawnee Manor can make the best of the time you spend with us. One of these tools is our Behavior-Based Ergonomics Therapies (BBET) program. BBET is truly a Person Centered Care program designed to enhance dignity and the quality of life for those suffering from alzheimer’s and dementia

What is BBET?

BBET is a non-medication based program designed to reduce and even prevent behaviors associated with alzheimer’s and dementia. It provides residents with access to personalized activities in order to manage resident behaviors.

How does BBET work?

The BBET Program identifies clinical vs. non-clinical causes for behaviors, provides specialized caregiver training, and offers customized plans.

Customized plans are used as a complement to group activities and consist of four therapies based on interest and capability:

  • Music Therapy
  • Video Therapy
  • Stimulating Therapy
  • Memory Prop Therapy

What are the benefits of BBET?

  • Therapies are individualized, providing both comfort and appropriate cognitive exercise
  • Variety of non-pharmacological options for managing behaviors and engaging residents
  • Enhances family visits & interactions
  • Resident program reports are available to families at care conferences
  • Improves each resident’s quality of life
  • Signs of stress are identified by trained staff before behaviors escalate
  • Residents are calm for hours after the therapy and often sleep better

The BBET Program has received six national awards:

  • 2011 Dorland Health Silver Crown Award for Alzheimer’s Care
  • 2011 AMDA Foundation Quality Improvement Award (jointly sponsored by Pfizer)
  • 2012 Long-Term Living Leaders of Tomorrow Award
  • 2012 LTC LINK Spirit of Innovation Award
  • 2012 OPTIMA Award by Long-Term Living
  • 2014 ACHCA Public Service Award